Tastes-like-more Italian blend

The punchiest of the Howitzer range, this blend is strong with a beautiful aroma, not harsh on the palette. a Dark, full flavour blend, that will have you brewing another pot before you know it. My favourite for the Bialetti on the gas stove.

Perfect Espresso blend consisting of four different variety of roasted beans.  Intense body and rounded taste with Ethiopian beans for flavour.


IMG_0439 Italian blend

Not-your-average Java blend

a Full flavoured, full bodied medium dark roast with hints of fruit and rich chocolate.  Highly addictive.  My favourite for early morning at the beach on the camp stove just before a surf and then again after.

Best as a filter coffee, but can be used as a more playful Espresso shot.


IMG_0430 IMG_0432

Wow! What an Espresso blend

Award winning Espresso blend that I “borrowed” from my roasters. If you like espresso, be sure not to miss a shot of this. It will leave your taste buds tingly and your heart jumping (let’s say for joy), with that WOW! What an Espresso! feeling. I really enjoy making this around mid-day as a pick me up.


IMG_0442 IMG_0448